The True Beauty Of Of County Fairs

It’s almost time for the country fair to come around town. It’s almost summer all the kids are making they’re science fair project ready so they can display it at the fair.  All the trucks are passing by the high way with all the cool new rides that are going to be put up this year.

And everyone gets on a diet to be ready for all the good and different types of food that is going to be at this year fair.What can I say I get really excited when the fair comes around! The Arlington country fair is right next door to locksmith austin in Texas. It helps me remember my child hood when my parents use to take me. And when I was at school making my model airplanes to display at the fair and hopefully get a prize and impress all my friends and family.

The best part it helps me get closer to my family since they also love it and always want to go as a big group, so that means more fun. That means having the cotton candy, the fresh pizza, the hamburgers, and the best thing form all is the turkey legs.

I enjoy it even more because that wont be something I will eat everyday because if not I wont probably be able to walk. That means when the fair comes around I get the chance to cheat on my diet and enjoy life a little more

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